Vehicle Armor Kits
Vehicle Armor Kits

Vehicle Armor Kits

Bulletproof Panels, Doors & Windows

Vehicle Armor Systems offers the very latest advanced Vehicle Armor technology.  Our custom vehicle armor kits can be installed on cars, trucks, vans, and other vehicles.  We offer both shipping so you can have the vehicle armor kit installed, or we will do the installation for you.  Our kits include the very best vehicle armor panels and bulletproof windows.  

Citizen Vehicle Armor Kits

Civilian Vehicle Armor Kits

Every person should have the right to protect themselves and their families. We offer custom vehicle armor for your personal car, truck, SUV or van. Our vehicle armor kits feature the highest quality bulletproof door panels and windows to provide the peace of mind and protection you’re seeking

Law Enforcement Vehicle Armor

Law Enforcement Vehicle Armor

We love to protect our Officers.  Law enforcement armor kits can cover just the front or whole vehicle. We know that department budgets are extremely tight and we have made armoring law enforcement vehicles affordable and realistic.   We also have government financing available at very affordable rates.

Custom Armored Security Vehicles

Armored Security Vehicles

We build “Turn Key” and custom armored security vehicles for all industries including: Law enforcement, private security, Cash in Transit, Assets in Transit, high dollar products, Banking, and other high profile industries. We can armor a vehicle you’re already using or armor a new vehicle of your choice.

Get A Vehicle Armor Quote

Ready to enjoy the peace of mind having an armored vehicle offers? 

Get a quote!  We armor personal vehicles, police vehicles, and security vehicles such as cash in transit trucks.

Vehicle Armor Kit Quote

Vehicle Armor Kits

Our custom vehicle armor kits are available as your easy vehicle armor solution.  We offer installation services along with shipping for a local technician to install your vehicle armor kit.  We offer various levels of kits depending on your individual needs.

Vehicle Armor Panels

Our vehicle armor panels are lightweight, affordable, and offers NIJ Threat Level IIIA protection.  That means our vehicle armor panels will stop up to a .44 Magnum.  

Vehicle Armor Windows

Our vehicle armor windows extend protection where you need it. With the same NIJ IIIA protection our shield glass is thin enough to still allow the window to function.

How It Works

Getting a personal, law enforcement, or security service vehicle armored is simple, fast, and affordable with Vehicle Armor Systems.  All you need to do is select a vehicle, the level of protection you want, and contact us for a quote! 


The first step in getting vehicle armor is to choose which vehicle it is going to be installed in.  Is it personal, law enforcement, heavy security?  It can be a vehicle you already own or one you’re thinking about buying and want armor. 


We offer various levels of protection from simple smash and grab protection up to the highest performance vehicle armor for serious threats. It is your call to decide how much of the vehicle needs to be shielded to protect it’s occupants.


Once you know what vehicle you’re interested in getting armored and an idea of what threat level of protection get in touch with us! We are fast and affordable in helping you protect yourself and provide protection for your family or employees.