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A Passion for Protection

Our company is all about Protection.  We are able to armor the entire vehicle for a fraction of the weight and a fraction of the cost that other armor companies can provide.    We can armor as little as a door panel and glass on a vehicle or we can armor the entire vehicle.

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement agencies for budget purposes sometimes will only armor the front side doors and windows while others will armor all four door panels and glass, front windshield and rear window.  Whatever the case may be we can make it happen

Armored Security Vehicles

We have armored security vans and vehicles of all types.  Our largest customer base is in the custom security Vans made for the Cash-In-Transit, Asset-in-Transit, banking, and the product security cannibus industry.  We have the ability to armor all walls, add armored walls with ballistic see through windows, add armor on slider doors and much more.  We can also add other security options including: safes, camera’s, wireless entry, GPS sytems, alarms and so much more.  We can completely customize your armor vehicle to fit your needs.

Vehicle Armor Systems
A division of ATEK Defense Systems

Our Parent company ATEK Defense Systems, LLC is in the manufacturing of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), building both Soft and Hard Body armor for Law Enforcement, Military, and Security.  ATEK Also manufactures and installs building armor and other building supplies.  ATEK realized that the demand for Vehicle Armor was growing very quickly and created a new company called Vehicle Armor Systems, LLC to take on the new roll with a focus on just vehicle Armor.

Vehicle Armor Systems, LLC through its parent company can offer both ballistic Armor for the car doors as well as the glass.   Customers have a choice as to the threat level they desire to protect themselves against both in glass and vehicle body.  Vehicle Armor Systems has a unique glass that is lighter and thinner than other standard ballistic glass available on the market.

Currently the Vehicle Armor systems is located in the same building as its parent company “ATEK”  in Spanish Fork, Utah which is located about 55 miles south of Salt Lake City.  The company has 15,000 square feet of warehouse.

Vehicle Armor Systems is currently looking for dealers that can sell and install.  If you have an interest in becoming a dealer please contact us.

Thank You for your interest,
Vehicle Armor Systems, LLC, Staff

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