Cannabis Transport Vehicle Armoring

Custom Van Conversions

Cannabis transport vehicles are becoming more vital with the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis products. Vehicle Armor Systems offers the armoring of your choice of van, such as the Ford Transit, Ram Promaster, Mercedes Sprinter. We discreetly armor your choice of van to provide the protection you need.

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Key Armor Features

Discreet Protection

Our vehicle armor panels can easily handle multiple shots in the same panel or window. It is designed to NIJ Level III-A ballistic performance. That means that it will stop a .44 Magnum, 38 special, and all other smaller handgun rounds.

High Performance Armor

Our panels add between 9-15 pounds. This is compared with the up to 350 pounds a metal armor door weighs. Keeping vehicles lightweight helps improve mobility, acceleration, and maintain miles per gallon.

Customized Layouts

Custom measurements are taken of the exact make, model, trim level, and year of vehicle you want to have armored. Our custom tailored armor solution removes the liability of a “one size fits all” panel approach.


Rear vehicle armor installation
  • Comprehensive armor coverage that covers the cargo and passenger areas
  • High performance bullet resistant glass for windows
  • Armoring around the engine, battery, and gas tank
  • Run flat tire options are available to keep you on the move
  • Full front composite partition between front seats and cargo area
  • Cargo lighting to illuminate the van
  • Secure lock boxes that are permanently installed in the vehicle
  • Security system alarm to meet cannabis transportation regulations