Bulletproof Windows

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Bulletproof Windows

Bulletproof windows for cars are the most important part of vehicle armor. The majority of shots taken at vehicles are targeted at windows as passengers can be seen and aimed at. Vehicle Armor Systems offers both bulletproof window film and bulletproof glass. We offer NIJ Level II and Level IIIA custom bulletproof car windows to fit your armored vehicle needs.

A common question from customers is “Is it legal to own a bulletproof car?” Yes, yes it is. There are thousands of armored vehicles in the United States. Cars the feature bulletproof windows, doors, and panels are perfectly legal for regular citizens. That means that you can get your truck, van, SUV, or luxury car armored.

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Want the peace of mind bulletproof windows provides?  We can help!  Our team will work with you on the cost to get bulletproof film or glass for your car, truck, SUV, or van.  Please contact us with your questions to discuss which level and how much of your vehicle you’d like to armor with bulletproof window products. 

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Bulletproof Window Features

Multiple Hit Protection

When an attacker starts shooting it is unlikely they’ll only shoot once. For this reason our bulletproof windows are designed to withstand repeated hits. That means our ballistic film and glass will protect persistent threats.

One Way Bulletproofing

Our Glass is specifically designed to stop bullet rounds from the outside, yet allow the driver the ability to shoot toward the outside and penetrate with deadly force.

Custom Bulletproof Windows

When it comes to bulletproofing windows it isn’t a 1 size fits all situation. We custom measure for your make, model, year, and trim level to achieve the perfectly tailored fit.

Bulletproof Luxury Car Windows
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  • Special threat level stationary bulletproof windows

How To Bulletproof Car Windows

Increasing security is the priority of law enforcement, private security forces, government agencies, and civilians alike. Vehicle Armor Systems provides bulletproof windows to both professional and private customers. While customers, professionals, and experts in the industry use the term “bulletproof”, you should know that no window is 100% bulletproof. Bullet resistant is a more accurate term as there are specialized rounds to pierce armor. Bulletproof windows are also developed, designed, and installed to meet certain ballistic protection levels. That means that while a bulletproof window that is a level II will stop a 9mm, it won’t stop a .308 rifle round.

Step #1 – Select Level

Choose which level of bulletproof product fits your needs best.  Bulletproof windows start with a Level II that will stop a regular 9mm bullet.  If you’re looking for increased protection for VIPs, secured transport, or special threat armor we offer IIIA and IV bulletproof window products.  

Step #2 – Get In Touch

Get in touch with our team to discuss the vehicle or vehicles you’re wanting to have armored.  Allow us to help with our unbiased information on vehicle coverage.  Our standard armor packages cover the windshield and front too windows along with front door panels.  We will help you assess your specific ballistic protection glass needs.

Step #3 – Schedule Installation

Schedule a time for us to install your windows armor.  This is usually paired with installing vehicle armor panels, because car doors don’t stop bulletsWe also offer whole vehicle armoring that covers all windows, doors, vehicle panels, engine compartment, gas tank, and installs run flat tires.  Whatever your vehicle armor needs, we can help!