Law Enforcement – Armored Vehicles

Vehicle Burglary Protection

We specialize in Creating vehicle armor solutions for our Law enforcement community.  Because of the way we build our vehicle armor panels, we can manufacture each armored door panel and armored Shield glass window right here in our plant, and ship it out to a certified installer near you.


Our Armored Door Panels have been tested to the NIJ IIIA standards. (Note only body armor can have the official designation of NIJ certifications).  Each door panel is custom made to fit that particular make, model and year of vehicle.  We don’t just make a postage stamp armor to fit in the middle of the door, we fit the armor to cover the maximum amount of space available, thus giving the maximum amount of protection to our men in blue.


Armored Shield Glass Windows have been tested by 3rd party testing labs to NIJ levels II & IIIA.  Our Level II Shield Glass is thin enough that it can still function in the door and roll up and down.   We found this to be a benefit to our law enforcement community.  Many of the officers that have wanted ballistic protection feel like they need to have the functionality of the window to help them do their jobs better.


Armored Windshield.  We want to make sure that our officers are protected from every direction including he windshield and back windows.

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