Can Standard Car Doors Stop Bullets?

Can Standard Car Doors Stop Bullets?
Can Standard Car Doors Stop Bullets?

So the Question is, “Can standard car doors stop bullets?” Hollywood says yes, but the answer is a definite NO.  A bullet can go through a car door!

Its amazing how Hollywood portrays that standard car doors stop bullets, when in reality they don’t! How many police shows have the officers hiding behind their car doors shooting at the bad guy? There are lots of them! I watch a lot of cop shows and nearly everyone of them show police using the door as a shield. Don’t be fooled they don’t have any armor properties at all.

Car Doors Don’t Stop Bullets

Standard Car Doors do NOT stop bullets. In fact a small 22 caliber round will pass through a normal car door without much of a problem. If you shoot the car with high calibers the bullets don’t hardly even slow down, let alone stop.

Many times we receive a call about our Shield Glass and when we ask them about their door armor they are surprised to hear the doors can’t stop bullets. That shocks us! It has been amazing to all of us here at Vehicle Armor Systems how many times we surprise people when we tell them the doors are not bulletproof.

Lightweight But Vulnerable

Vehicles are made to be light. Manufacturers use very thin metal and as you might have seen sometimes even leaning on the car will dent the metal in.  In fact popular manufacturers such as Ford have opted for Aluminium bodies for their F-150 truck.  Recently there have been a number of police assassinations around the country where criminals have walked up to a police car and shot the officer through the door.

Lightweight Vehicle Armor Panels

Vehicle Armor Systems has solutions for this problem. We have a light weight soft armor that molds to the inside cavity of the door panel. Some companies offer a small rectangle piece that just covers a small area, but not the whole door. We did not think that was sufficient for our officers or clients so we fill every possible open space in the door with armor.

Lightweight Vehicle Window Armor

We also have a patented armored Glass that we call Shield Glass. This glass is thin enough to still roll up and down in the door, yet strong enough to handle multiple rounds of 9mm bullets and have no penetrations. Our glass is rather unique as well. The glass will stop 9mm rounds from the outside, but will allow the driver to shoot back from inside the car and the bullet will penetrate to the outside with nearly 900 fps.

Smash and Grab News Article

Smash and Grab Sample Article

But, I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me………!

It is amazing how we sometimes get caught up in the “That’s to bad it happened to him” thought process and so often never think it could happen to “me”.  The ironic part is everyone that has had vehicle theft happen, usually thought that at one time too.


Do you realize that in some parts of the Country there is a car window broken and something stolen every 17 minutes!  in San Francisco alone there was over 25,000 reported Smash and Grab burglaries in the first 6 months.  They estimate that less than half of the real burlaries were actually reported.   We did a search in some of safest cities in the country and found that some of them had over 1,000 vehicle burlaries in a single month that never made it to the public ear.


There is a solution.  Our Smash and Grab Protection is a thin security film that is molded to your window helps stop these vehicle burglars.


The film holds the glass in place even if its broken.  What is does is deter the wannabe burglar to go to another easier target.  We will show you some videos that will show this

Sample Vehicle Body Armor News Article

Sample Vehicle Armor News

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View the actual test results.

NTS Test Results

Bullet Proof Auto Window Security Film Testing

NTS Testing…

We take your protection very seriously. The independant testing agency, National Technical Systems ( performed a Level II verification test using a 9mm FMj shot from a handgun at a distance of 5 feet. The results was “No Penetration” for our Clear Glass Security Film installed on a standard auto window.

View test report.

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