Smash and Grab Film

Vehicle Burglary Protection

With vehicle burglaries on the rise, there is a great need to add a smash and grab film or armor to each window. The small film is installed on the window using our patented process and film to the inside of the window. It takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish 4 windows with our unique process. When a criminal goes to break the window many times it takes long enough to break the glass that they will give up and move on.

Make those Burglars work for their prize. unfortunately if a burglars wants something bad enough and they have enough time then nothing usually can stop them. But for 98% of the time just the delay of the glass not breaking in a public area will make them turn and run away.

This film can handle larger objects including large rocks, hammers, bricks and nailsets. This film takes much longer to break through and get to your personal items. You can add any tint to the film.

Many people think that applying Smash and Grab Armor is simple, but it is not simple at all. Most tinting companies have refused to install security film because it is very difficult to apply. It tends to be stiffer tends to develop air bubbles and attract dust particles. We have developed a process that eliminates 95% of the problems and the security film can be applied in a matter of 45 minutes to an hour.

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Smash and grab film for your automotive windows just makes sense. It is all too easy to break a window to steal items from a car, or the car itself. We offer both clear smash and grab film and smash and grab tint film. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs and get the protection you’re looking for.

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Smash and Grab Protection Benefits

Strong Protection

Our smash and grab film is durable, it handles large objects such as bricks, rocks, ceramic shards, hammers, nail sets, and more. This means our film protects against common tools burglars use to break automotive glass.

Durable Duration

A large percentage of burglaries can be discouraged if they are not easy. Our smash and grab window film makes it take much longer to break into a car. This means that a potential burglar will likely give up and move onto easier targets.

Protected Posessions

In addition to keeping a burglar from stealing your vehicle our film keeps the contents of your vehicle safer.
If you’ve left your sunglasses, phone, or other valuable in the car it is simply safer with a durable window film.