Vehicle Armor Panels

Doors, Walls, Ceiling & Engine Compartment

If you’re looking for ballistically superior vehicle armor panels, Vehicle Armor Systems has you covered. We custom measure, fabricate, and install armor panels for any type of vehicle. From law enforcement and private security to personal automotive armor our armor panels exceed NIJ threat level standards III-A.

Vehicle Armor System Panel Advantages

High Performance

Our vehicle armor panels can easily handle multiple shots in the same panel or window. It is designed to NIJ Level III-A ballistic performance. That means that it will stop a .44 Magnum, 38 special, and all other smaller handgun rounds.


Our panels add between 9-15 pounds. This is compared with the up to 350 pounds a metal armor door weighs. Keeping vehicles lightweight helps improve mobility, acceleration, and maintain miles per gallon.

Completely Custom

Custom measurements are taken of the exact make, model, trim level, and year of vehicle you want to have armored. Our custom tailored armor solution removes the liability of a “one size fits all” panel approach.


Made in USA

All of our vehicle armor is produced in the United States of America. Our manufacturing and installation facility is located just south of Salt Lake City, Utah. We take pride in our country, our work, and providing you the ultimate vehicle armor solution.


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Vehicle Armor Panel Installation

Our vehicle armor panel installation service is streamlined to be fast and effective. We remove the coverings for the areas that are being armored. We then apply a high strength adhesive on the inside of the vehicle panel area. Custom fabricated panels are then fitted inside the doors, walls, or ceiling.

Custom Measure

We custom measure your vehicle or a vehicle that is the same make, model, year, and trim level. This is a critical step in quality vehicle armor panel installation.

Fabricate Panels

Our team then custom fabricates your vehicle armor panels from advanced materials that are produced right here in the United States of America at our location in Utah.

Quality Installation

The final step in your vehicle armor panel installation is fitting them into the doors, walls, ceilings, or anywhere you’ve chosen needs armor protection.

Types of Vehicle Armor Panels

Depending on the type and severity of the threat you are armoring your vehicle for, you will want to consider these types of panels. Vehicle armor panels can be ordered and installed to cover threats starting with just the 2 front doors and windows to more comprehensive armor coverage. Our team customizes your armor package to your needs!


Basic vehicle armor starts with the doors and windows. The side windows, rear glass, and windshield are some of the primary target areas. In addition automotive doors from the factor are thin sheet metal and framing. Our armor panels are cut to fit into these areas to provide the ballistic protection you’re seeking.


For vehicles such as SUVs or vans there are large wall panels apart from the doors and windows. Our armor solutions can cover these wall areas also to protect passengers and cargo. We can armor all the walls of your car, truck, suv, or van.


The ceiling of your vehicle is the largest single panel on virtually any vehicle. It is a potentially serious liability if it is not armored. Threats from elevated shooters or threats climbing on top of the vehicle are eliminated by armoring the ceiling.


While the floor is a harder target it is a common armor area for comprehensive coverage. When armored ground type attack risks are managed. Armoring the floor is part of our comprehensive vehicle armor threat level.


While our armor will take multiple hits from firearms getting away from danger is a priority. You can run if your engine doesn’t. Armoring your engine compartment keeps your powerplant safe. This means that attackers can’t shoot a hole in your engine to disable your vehicle.


Gas tanks are armored the same as engine compartments to help maintain mobility. However they are also armored to help manage risks of fuel detonation. We offer complete comprehensive vehicle armor packages that deliver peace of mind in uncertain times.